To 2018 Applicants — Before you start application

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To 2018 Applicants — Before you start application

Dear CPU prospective students,

Thank you for your interest and choosing China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) for your further studies and please go through the following reminders before you get started.

Online application

1.      Online application is required for all students regardless the programs and scholarships you are applying for.

2.     Hard copies are required to be submitted after your online application is processed and accepted.

Familiarize yourself with CPU

3.     Before jumping to submit online application, you are strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with CPU by visiting our website and check all the information concerning application.

4.     Postgraduates shall learn about their areas of interest and know about our professors. You may email a few professors that potentially match your research interest, but do not continuously email those the professors that you don’t know well!

5.     Be careful before you click “submit.” Upon receiving your Admission Notice, you will no longer be able to change your program, major and school, unless the university decides to shut down the program for its own reason.


1.      We have never authorized any individual or organization to collect payment in the name of CPU and please check with the admission office before you process any payment.

2.     A pre-acceptance letter will be issued for the student to confirm and pay after he/she fulfills the requirements and is accepted.

3.     For students who are applying for Chinese Government Scholarship and Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship, you are only asked to pay the deposit (2000RMB) after you are accepted and receive the per-acceptance letter.

4.     All the payment should be only made to the school's account and any other account is invalid and fake.

5.     All the pre-paid fees are deposit and are nonrefundable unless otherwise specified.

6.     During online application, you will be asked to upload transaction note(s) for pre-acceptance deposit. Despite of your effort, international transactions may be rejected for multiple reasons. Upon your arrival, the university Financial Office will double-check if the transaction is successful. Make sure to mark each transaction with your application ID. Keep the transaction notes for your own convenience. Even if someone else (family, agency) is dealing with the transaction for you, collect the bank notes yourself and take them to CPU.

Photo requirements

Please prepare the right ID photo so that your application can be processed in a timely manner:

1.      2 inches (3.5*5.3 cm in size),

2.     Pixel: 626*413, less than 1MB

3.     White background

4.     Unqualified photo will not be accepted.

Complete documents

1.      Please prepare the complete application documents before you submit your online applications and the list of required documents is available at

2.     Documents in languages other than Chinese or English are not accepted and notarized Chinese or English translations are required.

3.     HSK result is required for students applying for programs taught in Chinese.

4.     IELTS and TOEFL scores or other English language proficiency certificate are required for Non-English native speakers applying for English-taught programs.

5.     All submitted materials will not be returned.

Passport name

Only passport name is required and make sure the name you are filling in is exactly the same with the one your passport.Once admitted, this name will appear on all of your documents, including Chinese visa, notarized letters, certificates and diploma and none of the above-mentioned documents can be “customized.”


1.      CPU offers different scholarships and different scholarships are granted to different applicants based on their overall competiveness. So it is very normal you are applying for Scholarship A but are changed to Scholarship B or even to self-funded.

2.     Chinese Government Scholarship Chinese University ProgramCGS-CUPand Silk Road Scholarship are not provided for Chinese language students and bachelor's candidates.

3.     Scholarships are granted based on student’s overall competiveness and never believe in anyone who boasts he/she can ensure you a scholarship and ask you to pay for it.


Section of International Students

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

China Pharmaceutical University