To 2022 Applicants--before you start application

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How to apply

Before the application

1. Find the most suitable program for you.

Research your favorable programs by checking the information online.  

English-taught Degree Programs:

Chinese-taught Degree Programs:

Non-degree Programs:

2. Check admission requirements. 

Make sure you are aware of entry requirements for the University and confirm you meet all the entry requirements. Admission requirements:

3. Prepare the documents listed below.

1. Passport-sized photo (soft copy)

2. Passport (personal details page)

3. Certified /notarized copies of academic transcripts

4. Certified /notarized copies of graduation/degree certificate

5. Chinese Language test report (HSK) (for Chinese-taught programs)

6. English language test report (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL) (for English-taught programs)

7. Completed Foreigner Physical Examination Form (外国人体格检查表)

 *Foreigner Physical Examination Form:

8. Personal Statement&Study Plan

9. Research plan (master and PhD candidate only)

10. Non-criminal record

11. Financial statement

12. Two references from professors of the previous university (master and PhD candidate only)

13. Provisional acceptance letter from CPU supervisors (master and PhD candidate only)

14. Published academic papers or other academic achievements if applicable (master and PhD candidate only)

Application process (step by step)

Applications to all programs should be ONLY done online through CPU Online Application System

Step1: Register your account and activate it.

Step2: Fill out the application form and upload all required documents.

Step3: Submit the application and wait for the application assessment.  You can check you application status in the system at any time.

Step4: If you are eligible for your chosen program, The Admission Office will acknowledge receipt of your application and send the pre-acceptance letter to your application e-mail.

Step5: After receiving the pre-acceptance letter, you will need to:

Make payment

Please make the payment as per the pre-acceptance letter and upload the bank notification of remittance to the online application system. After receiving the payers bank notes , the Admission Office will start the preparation for your admission documents. Please note that NO FEES SHALL BE REFUNDED IF YOU FAIL TO GET REGISTERED.

*The uploaded bank notification of remittance does not serve as the proof for successful transaction, please wait for CPU Financial Office confirmation. After their confirmation, an an e-receipt will be issued to your application e-mail. Please keep it for enrollment review.